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Summit Suspension Seat; All Black - Black, 201, 50, 210, 210; PRP Silver Out

  • $ 52999

If you need a little more hold than PRP’s Daily Driver but still want something easy to get in and out of, The Summit Suspension Seat is the perfect choice. The Summit features small bolsters near the thighs but increased hold at the kidneys. The center bolster in the bottom cushion helps to cradle your legs and give you more hold when getting sideways on the trails. The vinyl-coated nylon suspension liner and dual-density foam decrease the impact on the body, reducing the fatigue you feel after a long day in the dirt or dunes. Includes our standard mesh drain that allows water, mud, and dirt to drain out the bottom, rather than pile up in the seat. The bottom tabs easily bolt to PRP’s series of mounts built for Jeep, Broncos, Ford Rangers, and more. This seat features a Vinyl Center, Back, and Band.